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Your nose is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to your senses. Although its primary use is to warn you of danger, nowadays, people just like to smell nice things. So, when your furnace starts to pump odors that don’t quite tickle your fancy, you’re likely curious about what steps can be taken to remove that odor. It largely depends on the kind of smells you’re experiencing, but an air duct cleaning company can likely remove those odors with residential duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning.


Did you know that dust actually has an odor? Hopefully, you dust your house enough that you never experience the smell. However, the smell is pretty unavoidable when you turn your HVAC unit on for the first time in a while. That slightly musky, burning, smell you detect is the dust literally being burned as the furnace kicks to life. Not the nicest of things to breathe in, right?

One easy method of ensuring your home doesn’t smell, is to call in a professional cleaning company to give your furnace a thorough cleaning. While you may be tempted to just clean it yourself, you also need to access the evaporator coil. Unless you want to accidentally break your furnace and pay a huge repair bill, it’s best to leave the cleaning in the hands of the professionals.

  • Smells can indicate an issue

  • Eliminate dust from your HVAC system

  • Address mold in your HVAC system

  • Check for animals in your HVAC system

Dead Animal Odor

An unfortunate part of having ducts is that sometimes little animals can crawl into them to keep warm during the chillier temperatures. Even more unfortunate, they often tend to end up dying in them, too. If you experience a rancid smell coming from your ducts, then it’s likely something died somewhere in there. Unless you want to deal with a dead animal, it might be best to call a professional cleaning company. They can use their equipment to locate the dead animal, remove it, and then clean and sterilize the area so the odor is removed.

Because there are lots of places for the animal to scurry around to, trying to find it yourself might end up causing you to tear down parts of your home. Make it easy on yourself by having an air duct cleaning crew do it for you.


Another source of a slightly musky odor comes from mold and mildew in your air ducts. This can result when you have too much moisture in your home or if you haven’t had the air filters in your unit changed out regularly. Because breathing in that mold could be hazardous to your health is breathed in for too long, it’s critical that you have a professional duct cleaning crew come in to remove it. If even one bit of mold remains, the chances of it returning and spreading are high.

As such, it’s important that you let a Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) inspect your air ducts, and then use special duct cleaning equipment and sanitary technology to get rid of mold.

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As an owner of multiple rental homes I need to ensure when I have work done it is done properly the first time so I do not disrupt my tenants any more than I have to, and Air Busters did just that. From the beginning, setting up multiple appointments was so stress free and they worked around mine and my tenant’s schedules which was extremely helpful. The staff on site was nothing short of professional and extremely knowledgeable when I had questions about my ducts and their condition. They were courteous enough to take before and after photos to show me their work and took the time to explain the benefits of maintaining my systems. My experience was Air Busters was pleasant from start to finish and I would recommend them to all of my family, friends and business associates.

Michelle - Windsor, ON

We recently moved into a newly built home and heard that we should have our air ducts cleaned due to the construction dust. Air Busters was very professional, walked us through the whole process, completed the job on time, and was reasonably priced. We were amazed to see what came out of our air ducts! We would definitely recommend Air Busters to our friends and family.

Paul & Michelle - Windsor, ON

I have lived in my home for 32 years and never had the duct work cleaned!! They showed me pictures before and after service and could not believe how bad they were. Looked like new after cleaning. They also noticed my dryer venting duct work was in poor condition and a fire hazard and recommended it be replaced. The drier occasionally blew fuses and hasn’t blown a fuse since serviced. In all, they were very honest, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Andy - London, ON

The experience was wonderful and we really appreciated seeing the before and after photos. Our technician was awesome and we are so happy with the service. I have already recommended them and will continue to do so!

Morgan - London, ON

They did great work at my house I’ve had them by twice now. Once I when bought our home. And the second time was on the arrival of my child.

John - Windsor, ON

The workers were dressed extremely well and very very polite the job was carried out professionally and they cleaned up all the mess afterwards I would recommend air Buster’s to anybody who is needing their air ducts cleaned.

Phil - Amherstburg, ON

The workers were dressed extremely well and very very polite the job was carried out professionally and they cleaned up all the mess afterwards I would recommend air Buster’s to anybody who is needing their air ducts cleaned.

Phil - Amherstburg, ON

We had a great and professional experience with Air Busters and especially with Rod and Brenden.

Pat & Jeff - Newbury, ON
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