Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

A Danger to Your Home and Dryer

Duct cleaning experts recommend that you have your dryer vent professionally inspected and cleaned every 2-3 years. Dryer vents full of lint are a common cause of residential fires and mechanical failure of your dryer. A quicker drying time may also help to reduce your utility bill.

With every laundry session, you’re adding more particles to the vent. They might exit it, but much of this lint remains stuck to the vent’s walls. The lint accumulates and blocks the conduit.

The air from the dryer cannot exit the area very swiftly now. Heat builds up and can potentially start a fire. Hundreds of dryer fires happen every year. You want to avoid this scenario.

  • Reduce the risk of fire

  • Faster clothes drying times

  • Extend the life of your dryer

Serviceman Inspecting a Dyer Vent

A Professional’s Visit

A professional HVAC technician usually performs the duct-cleaning service. He or she places tools into both ends of the venting conduit. The dryer itself receives a thorough cleaning along with the vented area where lint accumulates.

The professional takes a brush and vacuum to the dryer’s exhaust exit area. This opening is much wider than the opposite side. He or she should be able to remove as much lint as possible from the venting walls. In some cases, the conduit may be removed in order to reach every curve in the line.

Visit Frequencies

Ideally, hire a professional once a year for a dryer-vent cleaning. The experts are able to reach areas that are difficult for everyday people. They also have the required tools for the job. Every system has a slightly different arrangement too. The experts take this fact into consideration so that they can cover every inch of the conduit.

If you notice any unusual issues, however, you should considering hiring the professionals more often. The dryer might be working too hard, which will shorten the life of your appliance. There might be a clog in the vent that requires immediate attention. Don’t put off these observations. A change in operation does mean something in the scheme of things.

Homeowner Maintenance

There are a few tasks that residents can complete in order to maintain the dryer vent. Keep a cap on the system where the exhaust exits the home. Try a mesh cover on the exhaust end within the dryer.

Clean off the lint that’s trapped in the mesh with every cycle. Pull out the vacuum every month, and remove any lint that’s moved past the mesh. These tasks will keep the home safer than ever before.

Don’t wait until there’s a real emergency. Set up a service schedule with a qualified professional. These visits will take any stress off your mind. Safety will remain constant at your home with these routines in place.

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We recently moved into a newly built home and heard that we should have our air ducts cleaned due to the construction dust. Air Busters was very professional, walked us through the whole process, completed the job on time, and was reasonably priced. We were amazed to see what came out of our air ducts! We would definitely recommend Air Busters to our friends and family.

Paul & Michelle - Windsor, ON

The workers were dressed extremely well and very very polite the job was carried out professionally and they cleaned up all the mess afterwards I would recommend air Buster’s to anybody who is needing their air ducts cleaned.

Phil - Amherstburg, ON

I have lived in my home for 32 years and never had the duct work cleaned!! They showed me pictures before and after service and could not believe how bad they were. Looked like new after cleaning. They also noticed my dryer venting duct work was in poor condition and a fire hazard and recommended it be replaced. The drier occasionally blew fuses and hasn’t blown a fuse since serviced. In all, they were very honest, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Andy - London, ON

As an owner of multiple rental homes I need to ensure when I have work done it is done properly the first time so I do not disrupt my tenants any more than I have to, and Air Busters did just that. From the beginning, setting up multiple appointments was so stress free and they worked around mine and my tenant’s schedules which was extremely helpful. The staff on site was nothing short of professional and extremely knowledgeable when I had questions about my ducts and their condition. They were courteous enough to take before and after photos to show me their work and took the time to explain the benefits of maintaining my systems. My experience was Air Busters was pleasant from start to finish and I would recommend them to all of my family, friends and business associates.

Michelle - Windsor, ON

We had a great and professional experience with Air Busters and especially with Rod and Brenden.

Pat & Jeff - Newbury, ON

The experience was wonderful and we really appreciated seeing the before and after photos. Our technician was awesome and we are so happy with the service. I have already recommended them and will continue to do so!

Morgan - London, ON

The workers were dressed extremely well and very very polite the job was carried out professionally and they cleaned up all the mess afterwards I would recommend air Buster’s to anybody who is needing their air ducts cleaned.

Phil - Amherstburg, ON

They did great work at my house I’ve had them by twice now. Once I when bought our home. And the second time was on the arrival of my child.

John - Windsor, ON
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